Vision, mission and Values


Our vision is to be the strongest local bank in Denmark, advising retail and business customers locally and regionally.

  • check Vestjysk Bank wants to be a reputable local and regional bank, creating value for our customers and shareholders through our concepts of customised services. For customers, this value translates into high levels of customer satisfaction. For shareholders, it translates into attractive returns
  • check Vestjysk Bank wants to focus on top-line growth through canvassing for new business, clarifying every individual customer’s needs for financial services, ensuring sharp and competitive prices and entering into attractive collaboration agreements with suppliers.
  • check Vestjysk Bank will work proactively on our asset size and composition by controlling the loan-to-deposit ratio in order to maintain robust liquidity.
  • check With a continuous focus on the credit quality of our loan portfolio, Vestjysk Bank wants to maintain an impairment ratio in line with the Bank’s peer group*
  • check Committed and satisfied employees are a prerequisite for achieving our vision in its entirety. We measure employee satisfaction and use survey results as a basis for improvement initiatives.

* Comprising the following banks: Sparekassen Danmark, Sparekassen Kronjylland, Sparekassen Sjælland Fyn and Ringkøbing Landbobank


Our mission remains to be a customer-centric bank, advising retail and business customers locally and regionally through a well-established branch network in Jutland.


Based on our values: Presence, Simplicity and Action, Vestjysk Bank strives to be an attractive business partner to both retail and business customers. We will use our strong professional and personal skills to identify our credit-worthy customers’ current and potential needs. We will do this on the strength of our motivated and adaptable employees and with a strong emphasis on personal contact, advice and service.

  • check Presence – Being present creates relations and inspires confidence and loyalty. To us, presence signifies that we engage and pay attention. We are empathetic and respectful.
  • check Simplicity – Simplicity brings clarity. To us, simplicity signifies that we make things simple. By communicating clearly, we make complex matters easy to understand.
  • check Action – Action generates results. To us, action signifies that we are proactive and drive progress. We take responsibility and do what we have agreed to do.

Vestjysk Bank’s values may be summed up in the following statements, targeting the four main stakeholders as envisaged by the Bank:

Customers: Customer services offering value propositions of the highest standard in the sector. Complete service offering based on the individual customer’s needs. Services adapted to the customer’s needs and the bank’s earnings on the customer relationship.

Employees: All employees are to be given the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. Middle managers should receive management support and guidance to perform their roles. Identification and development of talent. Job satisfaction and wellbeing for all in the organisation.

Local community: Our branches must have in-depth knowledge of the business community in their market areas. This will serve as a platform for growth and efficient business development. Our employees’ active participation in local sports and leisure activities is given priority and actively encouraged. We actively support their commitment through sponsorships and other initiatives.

Shareholders: In all customer relationships and in planning and carrying out our duties, we prioritise and consider whether our work is carried out as profitably as possible in order to maximise the return for our shareholders.