Vision, mission and Values


Our vision is to be a financial partner advising retail and business customers locally and regionally.

  • check We want Vestjysk Bank to be a reputable local and regional bank creating value for our customers and shareholders through our concept of customised service
  • check Vestjysk Bank wants to generate solid core earnings through continuous efficiency improvements.
  • check Vestjysk Bank wants to ensure a high-quality loan portfolio measured by credit quality as well as profitability by maintaining focus on credit management.
  • check Vestjysk Bank will work proactively on our asset composition by controlling the loan to deposit ratio in order to maintain robust liquidity.
  • check Vestjysk Bank will engage in ensuring the credit quality of our loan portfolio to maintain an impairment ratio in line with the Bank’s peer group*.

*) Comprising the following banks: Den Jyske Sparekasse, Danske Andelskassers bank, Jutlander Bank, Sparekassen Kronjylland, Sparekassen Vendsyssel and Sparekassen Thy


Our mission remains to be a customer-centric bank advising retail and business customers locally and regionally through a well-established branch network in select locations in Jutland.


Based on our values – Presence, Simplicity and Action, Vestjysk Bank aims to be an attractive business partner to both retail and business customers. We will use our strong professional and personal skills to identify our profitable customers’ current and potential needs. We will do this on the strength of our motivated and adaptable employees and with a strong emphasis on personal contact and service.

  • check Presence – Being present creates relations and inspires confidence and loyalty. To us, presence signifies that we pay attention. We are empathetic and respectful.
  • check Simplicity – Simplicity brings clarity. To us, simplicity signifies that we make things simple. By communicating clearly, we make complex matters uncomplicated.
  • check Action – Action generates results. To us, action signifies that we are proactive and drive progress. We take responsibility and do what we have agreed to.

Vestjysk Bank’s values can be summed up in our core story:

At Vestjysk Bank, there is no such thing as a stupid question. We talk to our customers in a language they understand, and we believe in the value of common sense, presence and long-term relations. With our strong local roots in western Jutland, we combine good, old-fashioned virtues such as friendliness, integrity and accessibility with modern digital solutions. Vestjysk Bank is a financial partner with committed, resourceful employees who focus on our customers’ needs. We don’t overcomplicate things.

The Bank's pay-off:

“Down-to-earth banking”