Our goal is to become the most attractive financial partner in the market.

  • check Vestjysk Bank has to be a recognised, regional bank that through its full-service concept will create value for our customers and shareholders;
  • check Vestjysk Bank wants to maintain and increase our solid core earnings through continuous efficiency improvements;
  • check Vestjysk Bank wants to sharpen our credit management focus by ensuring a top-quality loan portfolio measured by credit worthiness and profitability; and
  • check Vestjysk Bank will work proactively on our balance sheet structure through a controlled reduction in lending and a managed growth in deposits, in order to narrow the gap between loans and deposits.


Our steadfast and responsible approach to banking gives our customers the financial flexibility they need.

  • check At Vestjysk Bank, customers will be serviced by “full human beings” who share their basic values;
  • check Both customers and the Bank will experience value creation, the outcome of which will be mutual loyalty;
  • check Personal contact and service will receive top priority; and
  • check The Bank will be a workplace guided by its values and capable of attracting and retaining dedicated employees.

At Vestjysk Bank, we often say that we are a bank of flesh and blood. We want to be close to our customers, empathetic, present and committed. The bank as well as our customers should experience value creation, resulting in mutual respect and trust.

To us, value-based management is an active management tool, which focuses on the individual employee. We work within a framework, where everyone has the possibility to assume responsibility, and where trust is better than control. Our values PRESENCE, COMPETENCE, DYNAMISM and SOLIDITY shape our everyday conduct.

Employees are expected to comply with and assume responsibility for these values:

  • check PRESENCE mirrors the trust, respect and honesty, which we wish to embed in the minds of our customers. At the same time, we want a reputation as humorous and considerate - both in relation to our customers and each other.
  • check COMPETENCE reflects our wish to be portrayed as competent - socially as well as professionally. Our employees are capable of making their own decisions, as they possess the necessary competencies. This means that the bank can deliver the advice and service, which our many customers have a right to demand.
  • check DYNAMISM is our desire to take initiatives to the advantage of customers, the bank and the continued development of employees. DYNAMISM is about the willingness to make changes, which we wish to embody, so that we continuously can eye new possibilities for our customers and ourselves.
  • check SOLIDITY is manifested through honesty, responsibility and reliability which refers to our solid approach to our customers and the solutions we offer. To us, an agreement is an agreement.